• Tree removal – We can completely remove your tree. This generally speaking would be a last resort but may be essential if a tree has become a problem. This can be done from the ground if there is enough space to allow it. Alternatively, the tree can be dismantled in sections in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Crown Reduction – This involves removing the ends of selected branches and limbs to reduce the height and spread of the canopy/crown whilst trying to maintain the natural shape of the tree as far as possible. This can provide your property with more light or remove/reduce the amount that a tree overhangs onto a neighbouring property.


  • Crown Thinning – This involves the complete removal of selected limbs/branches to thin the density of the crown. This can increase the level of light passing through the canopy as well as reducing the amount of resistance and stress on the tree during wind.


  • Crown Lifting – This involves removing lower branches of a tree. This can be useful in areas where vehicular access is needed or if low branches limit pedestrian access.


  • Pollarding – This involves the complete removal of the crown of a tree if it becomes unstable. However, this practice can lead to very vigorous regrowth.


  • Dead-wooding/crown cleaning – This involves the removal of any dead or diseased limbs from trees. This can be done for safety reasons or to try and prevent infection occurring or spreading.


  • Storm Damaged Trees – We can help by removing any affected limbs which may have become dangerous after being damaged.


  • Dangerous Trees – If you have a tree that has become dangerous (e.g. Leaning, causing structural damage or if it’s dead/dying) we can advise and assist on the best way to resolve the problem. This can range from removal of limbs to the complete removal of the tree.


  • Wind Blown Trees – If your tree has come down, it can be very dangerous to deal with due to the weight and stress on the tree. We can assist by carefully dismantling the tree taking as many precautions as possible to not cause any further damage.


  • Hedge Cutting –If your hedge has become overgrown and out of control, we can cut it to shape. We can either carry out a one-off hedge trimming visit, or a more regular, recurring maintenance of your hedge. The effective cutting of a hedge is a skilled task – and Wild Oaks can help you. Please contact us for details.


  • Freelance Climbing – If you require qualified personnel in felling trees from a height then we can provide this service for you.


  • Tree Planting – If you want new tree saplings planted on your property we can supply and plant these for you. Choosing from a variety of species.


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